We are delighted to welcome families who bring children for Holy Baptism (christening), and adults who wish to be Baptised and Confirmed.  Baptism is the gift of God’s grace to those who come to him and we are looking forward to celebrating with you!

You can book a Baptism for your child or for yourself by making contact with us so that we can help you through the process of booking your Baptism. Either contact me by email (stgeorges8@bigpond.com) or by phone 08 82729495.


Baptisms normally take place on Sunday mornings in the Sung Mass at either 8.00 am or 10 am unless there is a particular need for another time.


You are most welcome to arrange for people to take photographs and/or to film the Baptism, this includes the use of flash photography.  We realise that this is an important event for your family and we want you to have a record for the future.  We ask that they do so in a way that does not disturb the service or draw attention away from the focus of what we are doing.


It is usual for parents to choose three people to support them in the care of their child, and it is customary for two to be of the same gender as the child and one to be of the opposite gender.  However you are most welcome to choose additional god parents if you would like.

If the people that you choose are themselves baptised (in any Christian Church) we will welcome them as godparents.  If the people you choose are not baptised we will welcome them as sponsors.

If you are an adult coming for Baptism you are welcome to choose sponsors (who are themselves baptised) to support you and to take part in the baptism service with you.


You will be very welcome here, we look forward to hearing from you!

Fr Scott