Following the death of a loved one many families turn to their Parish Church for support and to provide the venue for a funeral service.  You will be most welcome here at Saint George’s.

While it is easy to speak of the gift of life, it is harder to speak of death as a gift. To even think of death as a gift might seem strange. But if we believe that life is a gift, then it also makes sense to recognise how the conclusion of our earthly life is just as significant as its beginning.

Our Christian faith teaches us that nothing can separate us from the love of God, and so when we think about our own dying we hold together both the mixed emotions of uncertainty about all that will change for us and for our families, and the hope that we will live with God in the eternal life of his love for ever with all those who have gone before us.

In normal circumstances the family of the deceased makes initial contact with a Funeral Director and the Funeral Director then contacts the Parish Clergy.  After this initial contact the priest will then be in touch with the family to arrange a pastoral visit and to discuss the funeral arrangements.

Funerals can be held in Saint George’s Church, at a crematorium or at the graveside. We can conduct a service at any of these locations.

If the body of the deceased will be cremated, it is normal for the whole service to be held at either the church or the crematorium and not to have services at both locations.  If the body of the deceased will be buried it is normal for the service to be held at either the church or the crematorium with a second shorter service following at the graveside.

A Christian funeral service normally includes:

  • Prayers;
  • Hymns and/or other music (this can include recorded music);
  • One or more readings from the Bible;
  • One or more eulogies;
  • The service can take place within the Mass, as a Requiem Mass.

During this time we will pray for those who are in God’s hands and those who mourn.