The Messenger

St George the Martyr, Goodwood

July, 2021

Dear Friends

JUNE SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN OUR MONTH FOR CULTURE. Our church here has always been noted as a place of beauty but increasingly has also been recognised as a treasure house. The vestment collection is possibly one of the best in Adelaide and the wooden carvings in the church by Nathaniel Hitch are becoming increasingly well-known. Events such as History month help us to share these treasures with the wider community.

This month you can see two exhibitions that touch on our treasures, the first at the David Roche Foundation and the second at the Art Gallery of South Australia. I include more information about these exhibitions below.

In July, we have two special Sundays. On the 11th we have St Benedict’s Day. Before I came to this parish, I was a chaplain to a Benedictine Community of nuns, the Community of Christ the King, in Wangaratta. Benedictines were the great monastic movement of the Middle Ages, and nearly all the old cathedrals in England were originally Benedictine churches or minsters (such as Westminster Abbey). They were called minsters because they were bases of church ministry for the evangelism of the surrounding areas. Lay people could become associates of houses by becoming what are called oblates, and take on the Rule of St Benedict insofar as their state of life allowed. Here in Adelaide a group meet at St George’s every month for a mass and time together. We are having a quiet day here on the 10 July from 10 am.

On the 18 July we keep Catholic Renewal Sunday. This day commemorates the start of the renewal of the Catholic Movement in the Anglican Church in the 19th Century. This year we are having our own Archdeacon Michael Whiting to preach. Fr Michael is an authority on our first bishop, Augustus Short, and will be speaking on the growth and development of the Catholic movement here in Adelaide; well, as much as you can in the short space of a sermon. Normally we would have a parish lunch after that, but Covid restrictions may make that impossible.

I should also mention that 1 July is the 150th anniversary of the Coming of the Light, the start of the evangelism of the Torres Strait Islands. I plan to be talking about this on this Sunday.

In the hall Timothy Hender has rehung the old photos of parish life, which are well worth a look one day. We also had to undertake repairs to the hall ceiling and master bedroom ceiling in the Rectory in June – old buildings need constant repair!

Covid Restrictions

As of 1st July we still cannot have communion in both kinds, with the bread and wine. We will continue to meet our requirements under the Book of Common Prayer and the Articles of Religion by having intincted bread – a tiny drop of wine put on each bread after the consecration. We will not be having individual cups here as some parishes are now doing.

Further restrictions have now come in so we cannot have congregational singing for the time being. We will therefore just use cantors from the choir for music for the 10 am mass for the time being.

There is also a ban on communal food and beverages, so we will not be having a cup of tea after mass either. We all enjoy our time together over a cup of tea, but we must be careful at this time.

Voitre Marek

One of St George’s love it or hate it treasures is the crown over the altar. In churches in early times the altar was always covered with a small structure, called a  ciborium, that protected the altar. Over time in the Western part of Europe, this changed its shape to just a reredos (a carved background) and a tester, a flat structure over the altar, and eventually just a reredos.

In the 1960s St George’s was left money in a bequest from Roy Beck: however, the will was so poorly drafted it took five court cases and considerable costs before the money was given to pay for a reredos. Fr Willoughby organised the Crown above the altar by the local artist Voitre Marek. He and his brother, Dušan, were noted modernist artists in Adelaide. Voitre did many church commissions, including some of the furnishings of our neighbour, Holy Cross.

To make space for the Crown the painting above the high altar was moved to the side of the church and the curtain removed. The Crown originally had enamelled copper cones attached from the side, however, they were removed many years ago because of structural safety problems.

The Art Gallery of South Australia is holding the first retrospective of the works of the Marek brothers. Called “Surrealists at Sea” it will be on until 12 September. The Marek brothers were important Australian surrealism artists and this is an opportunity to understand their work and our crown. This article is a good explanation of their life. We have a one-line mention at the exhibition, but you can admire (or not admire) possibly Voitre’s largest commission when you come to St George’s and see the crown hanging above the altar.

David Roche Foundation

Meanwhile, some other of our treasurers are on display at the David Roche collection, two copes and a frontal showing the arts and crafts needlework skills of our parish. The exhibition “Embroidery: Oppression to Expression” is on until 25 September. I plan to organise a parish visit to the exhibition on Wednesday, 14 July at 1.30 pm.

God Bless

Fr Scott

Percy William Charlton Wise – Correction

In my biography of Fr Wise in the last issue of The Messenger, I stated that apart from a trip to England in 1921, Fr Wise took very little time off before his retirement in 1940.

My thanks to David Hilliard for pointing out that this is incorrect. Fr Wise travelled to England in 1934. He was in London in June of that year seeking a blessing from Archbishop Lang. A time was arranged but at the last minute Fr Wise was unable to keep the appointment because of trouble with his teeth – apparently the teeth were in more need of help than a blessing from the Archbishop. He returned to Australia in November 1934.

Emily Harding


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