The Messenger

St George the Martyr, Goodwood

March, 2022

Dear Friends

LENT – OUR TIME OF DISCIPLINE. This starts this Week with Ash Wednesday on 2 March, when we receive on our foreheads ash with the words “Remember, that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

Lent is crucially important to whom we are as Christians. Our Lord came and lived as one of us, to teach us how we are to live as his followers. If we love Our Lord, we must follow the path he took. His path was the way of the Cross: the way of taking on suffering, not only his own, but ours as well, even to death.

But death did not hold him, and he rose from the dead, to give to his followers the hope of everlasting life. Therefore, we are the people who look to the joy of being the children of God, the resurrected sons and daughters of a loving God. The stories of the resurrection are filled with the joy of the disciples in finding their beloved friend alive, their Saviour who promised them the Spirit, so that their joy would be complete.

It was this hope, this joy, that gave the disciples the courage to defy the world and live lives as believers. It was this joy that fed them through the sacraments, the living body and blood, to sustain them in the world. It was this joy that enabled them to see the troubles of the world to be their own Cross to bear.

For we are all called to carry the Cross: this is what Lent is about, a practise to bear a cross, no matter how small, so we may be able to carry the heavier crosses we will have in life. But it is also a chance for us to learn Christian perspective. We undertake a cross in Lent, fasting, almsgiving and prayer, because we see the end of it at Easter. The joy of the resurrection gives us the strength to walk the forty days of Lent. So it is with life. We can live for the joy of being the children of God to sustain us in the Cross of our lives.

A cross cannot be avoided is we are to truly live. Attempts to avoid it will mean that we will live in the present, trying to grasp that which is passing instead of the joy of the future. No matter what we indulge in for now, we cannot stop time and our mortality forcing us to face our end and our judgment: what have we done with our lives?

So, I encourage you to raise your eyes this Lent and look to the joy of being a child of God and undertake your Lenten journey with us.

Lenten Giving

Every Lent we encourage people to give to the wider missionary work of the Church. We will continue to support the Church in Papua New Guinea, in particular the Diocese of Aipo Rongo in the highlands. This isolated area (there is only one road out, to the north) has struggled the last year with covid outbreaks as well as the poverty of this country.

Lenten Books

Every year we recommend some reading for the season. We’re recommending three quite different books for this year – Lent for Everyone (NT (Tom) Wright), The Catholic Jesus (Thomas Plant) and The Way of Julian of Norwich (Sheila Upjohn).

Lenten Liturgy

Each Lent we have at our sung mass at 10 am the Litany, a most beautiful Anglican custom, now almost extinct. We sing it for the first three weeks, and replace it from Passion Sunday with the hymn, the Story of the Cross. On Mothering or Refreshment Sunday, this year the 27 March, we have the traditional Simnel Cake to be handed out.

Parish News

I received an email recently from Reece Sua in the Solomons.  His family were parishioners here several years ago when they were studying at Flinders. Reece writes:

I want to thank you and the parishioners of Saint George’s Goodwood so much for helping mum and dad with Charlyn and my tuition fees all throughout my high school days. God only knows how much you have decreased their financial burdens in paying for our (Charlyn’s and my) education and how much you and the Saint George’s church family have been a blessing to this family. Thank you so much.

As for how we’re doing we are all ok. Charlyn is now in year 8 and is doing her studies at Bishop Epalle Catholic school where my dad currently teaches. As for me I have finished high school and received two prizes in economics and sociology during our graduation. Which was all made possible thanks to your help. This year I was supposed to enrol at the University of the South Pacific Solomon Islands campus but things got delayed due to the community transmission of covid-19 in the whole country. Despite this we are all fine and doing ok.

Now that I come to think of it has now been 10 years since we have arrived in Adelaide and met all you beautiful people. Thanks for the amazing memories …. I will forever treasure the moments we had and shared as a family in Christ in Adelaide.

I have also heard from Anne Pickhaver, who recently migrated back to England to live with her son, Tom, and family. She has been to the local church at Leytonstone Upper, which, she says, “describes itself as ‘19th century traditional Anglo catholic’ and you had better believe it. Instead of Sunday Evensong they have unaccompanied Vespers.” She has had a recurrence of the pneumonia but the pressure on hospital beds was such she was cared for at home, so her granddaughter Eliza did not see why her cough should interfere with playing Snakes and Ladders.

I was also in Melbourne recently and had lunch with Fr John and Fran Howells, who did several locums here some ten years ago. Fr John was my training priest at Shepparton, in Victoria, nearly thirty years ago, and did, I think, a wonderful job. They are in good health and send their prayers and good wishes to all.

Covid Restrictions

I live in hope of the lifting of some of our restrictions soon. In NSW QR codes have already been phased out in churches and masks are no longer mandatory. I am sure this will happen soon here. I hope that the Archbishop will soon remove the restrictions on receiving the chalice, so all can receive it in accordance with the rules of the Book of Common Prayer.

The Queen’s 70th Anniversary

The parish celebrated her Majesty’s 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne in February with a special morning tea – congratulations to Paull Garnett for his cake complete with pastry crown.


Our prayers have very much been with the people of Ukraine this last week. I have been in contact with Fr Paul Babie, one of the Ukrainian Catholic priests, who helps look after the church at Wayville. Some of you may remember when he came and preached here some years ago. He has thanked us for our prayers at this difficult time for his community. Fr Paul is also a lecturer at the Law Faculty of Adelaide University.

Diocesan News

The Rev’d Dr Joan Riley has been commissioned as the new principal of St Barnabas College, our theological school. St George’s has had a long association with our colleges. When the Society of the Sacred Mission ran St Michael’s College, an earlier college that closed in the early 1980s, the students were familiar sights in our parish and stayed with many of the parishioners in Fr Willoughby’s time. Later, Fr Ed Randall, the principal of St Barnabas in the latter part of the last century, was a regular worshipper here. I look forward to having Mother Joan here to preach at some stage.

Every week at mass we are asked to pray for our companion diocese of Bor, in South Sudan. However, I learnt to my surprise recently that according to a newspaper report, the bishop there had been removed from office by the Archbishop some two years ago and that some of his followers had attempted to assassinate the Archbishop with machine guns. An activity for which, although I could sympathise, is not acceptable. I have duly asked the Diocese whether we are to cease to pray for the bishop or pray that he might be a better shot next time.

Ash Wednesday is this week, and I hope you all consider a rule of life over Lent, in how we can take up our Cross and follow our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

God Bless

Fr Scott

Services in Lent

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Tuesday    10.00 am   Mass, followed by gardening

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8       Edward King, Bishop of Lincoln, 1910

8       John of God, Worker among the sick and poor, Spain, 1550

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9       Sister Emma SSA, Superior of the Society of the Sacred Advent, Queensland, 1939

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21       Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1556

22       Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, Bishop and missionary (d. 687) or 4th Sept. (from 20)

24       Paul Couturier, Ecumenist, 1953

24       Walter Hilton of Thurgartan, Augustian Friar, Mystic, 1396

24       Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, Martyr, 1980


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